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Gerrard & Medd were formed in 1978 in Edinburgh to provide services in Product Styling & Design, Interior Planning & Design, Furniture Design, and Exhibition Design.

Projects have been completed successfully for clients ranging from multi-national household names to start-up companies, Government bodies and the professions.

Apart from working for clients throughout the length and breadth of the United Kingdom, we have undertaken consultancy and studies in Pakistan, Romania and Slovakia.

Gerrard & Medd aim to produce success through a considered response to the project. It is important to us that we become part of the team, working closely with our client to ensure that the outcome is better than any of us could have imagined at the outset!

We know many other professionals - Architects, Graphic Designers, Lighting Designers - with whom we have collaborated to benefit the project outcome.  

Gerrard & Medd work within the guidelines of the Chartered Society of Designers and the Design Business Association.


Product Design

Ergonomics and human factors implications
Retail and consumer products
Commercial electronic products
Medical products

Furniture Design

Ergonomics and human factors implications
Commercial production furniture
One-off designs
Specialist furniture for airports, banks and bars
Furniture based building systems

Interior Design

Human factors assessment
Space planning and lighting design
Planning design of total interiors
Assessment, selection and design of furniture
Human factors assessment

Exhibition Design

Temporary exhibitions
Permanent exhibitions