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Concept Systems

Retrofit Sensor System for Electronic Mailboxes

Diagnostic Sonar 

Medical Ultrasonic Studies

Edgcumbe Instruments

"Metrohm" Digital and Analogue Meters

EMI Medical

Medical Ultrasonic Products


Hand-held Laser for Medical Use

Lambda Medical

CO2 Lasers for Medical Use

Malthus Instruments

Electronic Analysis Equipment for Culture Growth

Medical Laser Unit

YAG Laser for Arterial Surgery

Laser Delivery Arms

Optima Enclosures

Electronic Racking Studies

Pelstar Refrigeration

In-vehicle Refrigerator

Racal Security

Surveillance and Security Products

Reynolds Medical

Electronic Diagnostic Equipment for Cardiac Use


Control Panel for Data Communications Processors

A range of related Networking Products

Stephen Clark Ltd

Medical Incubators

TVI Europe Ltd

In-vehicle Tachograph