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United Distillers, Kilmarnock United Distillers, Menstrie


Kilmarnock is the site best known for Johnnie Walker whiskies and is a major resource for United Distillers.  The re-planned reception area maintains the 60's marble floor and feature staircase, whilst adding new storm doors and a totally revised ceiling and lighting plan.

The reception desk back wall features Johnnie Walker, and showcases display historic bottles and artifacts.  A display wall (not shown) gives a graphic presentation of the history of the plant and also of Burns' association with the Town.

Menstrie is part of the research and quality control facility of United Distillers.  We designed a working reception, replacing the total entrance screen and also cut a diffused glass screen into the circulation corridor to bring light into the corridor whilst giving the reception point a clear identity from within the building.

We designed custom desks for both these reception areas.  Both desks allow for visitors to be greeted over a working height desk whilst providing discreet space for electronic equipment. 

Menstrie is only ever manned by one person, whereas Kilmarnock, as a major bottling plant, is busy enough to justify two receptionists at times.

At Menstrie we also re-designed the laboratories and presentation area for the New Products Department.