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BAA plc

Standard Customer Desk System for use in all 7 BAA Airports 

Check-in and Information Desks for Aberdeen Airport

Bank of Scotland

Desk Range for Managerial Use

Clerical Desking System

Dealer Desk for Glasgow Chief Office

Berwickshire District Council
Reception Desk, Display and Seating, Coldstream Gateway Centre
Dundee Science Centre
Reception Desk and Computer Tables
Formica Ltd

Bathroom Walling, Cubicle and Ducting System - "Spawall" (with Granfit Holdings)

Glasgow Royal
Concert Hall

Boardroom Table, Foyer Seating, Conductor's Podium, Box Office Counter

Granfit Holdings
Factory Furniture System - "Factor"
Grant Westfield Ltd

"Nimbus" Lockers and Cubicles

"Stratus" and "Cumulus" Office Furniture

Highland Distillers

Demonstration Bar for Headquarters Building

Tasting Room and Bar at Maxxium House, Stirling

Bar Furniture

Highlands & Islands
Check-in Desks, Sumburgh Airport
Inveresk plc
Reception Desk, Westfield Mill
Mactaggart & Mickel
Reception Desk, Glasgow
Perstorp Warerite

Hotel Bedroom Furniture - "Savoy Suite" (with Granfit Holdings)

Rothley Ltd

Domestic Storage Furniture and Products

United Distillers
Reception Desks, Menstrie and Kilmarnock
Reception Desk, Shieldhall
Shop Counter and Display, Cardhu Visitor Centre
Venesta International

Venesta 2000 Cubicle System (with Granfit Holdings)